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What is Pledge for our Future? is a global platform for people around the world who want to reset our relationship with our planet and radically and urgently change the way we live. It enables those people to raise their voices, make specific pledges to live more sustainable lives, hold themselves to account, and encourage others to join them.

Why do we need to change the way we live?

Because In light of COVID-19, climate change, huge biodiversity loss and other environmental crises, it is clear that we can and must change our relationship with our world. Our choice now is to continue with unsustainable production and consumption, putting ourselves at further risk, or to fundamentally reset our relationship with nature. We must act now.

How does it work? takes people through a three-stage journey: first, to hear other people’s stories and to read and sign the pledge; second; if people choose, to make personal commitments both to individual actions and to influencing others; and third, to report back on successes, and failures, and share experiences.
The website is available in many languages and we encourage people to write in the language they feel most comfortable with.

What difference do you think #PledgeForOurFuture will make? is a platform to inspire individual action and to contribute to a global movement that can inspire policy change. The great environmental challenges of our age – biodiversity and habitat loss, climate change and ocean pollution, and new zoonotic diseases – can seem overwhelming. So many people around the world want to work towards the global green transition, but often don’t know what to do. We can all make a difference, through our own commitments, by our personal actions, and by drawing the attention of influencers and policymakers to the inspirational stories of the many, many people who want to make changes for a better future.

What can people do?

Wherever we live and however we make our living, we can all do something to bring about a positive change in our relationship with our planet.

  • REFRAIN: Where possible, avoid activities that are harmful to nature.
  • REDUCE: If harmful activities can’t be avoided completely, reduce them as much as possible
  • RESTORE: Help to restore nature where it has been harmed
  • RENEW: Help nature to thrive, by working to renew your, and other people’s, relationship with nature, however and wherever you can

What are the principles behind #PledgeForOurFuture?

  • We are global – the pledge will be available in as many languages as possible and be relevant to people around the world, whatever their circumstances.
  • We value everyone’s signature and commitment – ‘big names’ are very welcome, but everyone is equally important
  • We hold ourselves and others accountable – we follow-up!

I have signed #PledgeForOurFuture but I want to do more. How can I do this?

We very much welcome any additional support. If you are keen to help out, one thing that you can do is to make a short (1 min) video about why and what you pledged, and send it to Munib Khanyari. That will help us in further promoting the pledge. Or if you speak a language which our website does not yet cover and you are able to help translate, get in touch with Mirjam Hazenbosch. If you have an additional idea of how you can support #PledgeForOurFuture do let us know as we are very keen to hear it!

Who set up #PledgeForOurFuture?

This idea was conceived by Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland, Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Oxford, and implemented by an international team of conservation academics and professionals. Some of the people most heavily involved in bringing this initiative to life are: Hollie Booth, Ravi Chellam, Dhruv Gangadharan, Mirjam Hazenbosch, Munib Khanyari, Varnita Mathur, Helen Newing, Carlyn Samuel, Claudio Sillero, Jon Taylor, Pradeep Thoma, Stanislav Cmakal, Jeremy Williams.

The logo was designed by Manini Bansal.

But this story is not about the people who set up this platform, it is about the many thousands of people who raise their voices from it.