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Join us in pledging to change our relationship with nature

We, the undersigned, care about our future and our natural world.

We include people who love the beauty of nature and are heartbroken to see it so damaged, and people who understand that we need a healthy world if we and future generations are to thrive.

We come from all continents and all walks of life. Our realities are different, but we share at least three things in common: we are all human, we all share the same home, and we all care about our world.

We recognise, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent natural disasters, that we must change our relationship with our planet. We all have a choice: to risk continuing on a pathway of unsustainable production and consumption, or to fundamentally reset our relationship with nature.

We individually and collectively pledge to radically and urgently change the way we live, and to encourage and support governments and institutions to change the way they operate. We have to act now!

As individuals, we all need to play our part. We pledge that from now on we will significantly reduce our consumption and change to more sustainable ways of living.

We also acknowledge that individual action is not enough. We recognise that we all have power: as consumers, as members of communities and workers in businesses, as voters, as parents and children, as students and teachers. We pledge to use our power to urge and support our governments and institutions to make sustainable, long-term choices that protect nature and improve human wellbeing in our wider societies.

I, {$name} of {$country}, sign this pledge and commit myself to these aims and actions, in unity with all those who share a common goal of a world in which both nature and humanity flourish.

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